Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NZC Chief taking undue advantage of uncertain situation in Pakistan

If one goes by the New Zealand cricket chief-Justin Vaughan, Australia and New Zealand will have to host the world cup in 2011, that is at present scheduled in the subcontinent minus Pakistan. It is not to be disputed that the two countries mentioned above viz New Zealand and Australia last hosted any major ICC approved event somewhere in 1992, when the Benson & Hedges world cup was played there. The reasons might well be justified as far as the security situation in Pakistan are concerned. But, the same regarding the other two countries needs a re-think before tongues wag.

Pakistan was omitted from the list of hosts that were scheduled to host the world cup in 2011. But, back then, the security situation in the remaining parts of the sub continent was also not satisfactory either. India was fresh from the 26/11 attacks that shook not only Mumbai but also the entire world. Moreover, the target then was people from the West rather than local Indians. Then, there were fresh LTTE violence almost daily until Prabhakaran was killed finally. And then, Bangladesh is no less when it came to terror strikes, with jihadi groups being involved in serial blasts across Eastern parts of India.

Anyways, it is not the job of a cricket blogger to pen about people who shed blood. However, coming to the point, since Pakistan was disqualified to host the 2011 world cup, situations have improved in the remaining parts of the sub continent. And off late, there are no reports of any fresh violence despite there being every possibility of a major terror strike in Pakistan. This was more so after the attack on the Sri Lankan team bus that toured Pakistan on March 1st 2009. Though there hardly being any terror threats in India, some internal trouble can be anticipated owing to warnings from Shiv Sena especially to Australian players.

However, if the other side of the coin is given a close look at, Australia and New Zealand will be hosting the ICC world cup in the year 2015. And in case if the ICC yields to Justin Vaughan, both the nations mentioned will be hosting a world cup on two consecutive occasions. Until now, Australia have the distinction of winning two world cups (that later went on to become 3 ) and two ICC Champions Trophies on successive occasions. Now, if the 2011 world cup is hosted in Australia cum New Zealand, Australia will once again boast of having been the only nation to host 2 world cups successively.

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