Monday, February 15, 2010

Garden turns forest for the Proteas

Well the cricket stadium at Kolkata can be mistaken by any innocent people to be a garden as the name Eden Garden suggests. But, yesterday, the South Africans not only got deceived in their minds but also felt it practically after their team had an initial run, only to find themselves kicking at the end of the day. The team which was at one stage 218/2 at the end of the 52nd over, at an astonishing run rate of over 4.0 (which is far better compared to the standards of test cricket) had to end the day losing just one wicket less than an unofficial declare.

It was the same Hashim Amla along with Petersen who belted the Indian bowling with power and experience of their previous victory in the tournament. Hashim Amla belted 114 and on the other hand, it was debutant Alviro Nathan petersen who scored his hundred as well. This would have and should have put enormous pressure upon the Indian bowlers players, especially with the fact that they had lost the Nagpur test and were lagging behind in the test series. Added to that would be the fact that India will have to let go its number 1 position in test cricket which it has been holding since past 2 series'.

It is hard to digest losing something that he has been holding for so long and something which he has rarely held in his life. Team India belong to the 2nd category, for they held on to the number 1 position in test cricket which wasn't possible atleast as long as Tendulkar has been around in Indian cricket. When a debutant in Petersen can notch up a hundred and that too at a venue far away from home, questions would surely start raising in people's minds regarding the fate of the match despite there being 4 more days and atleast 2 more innings to go.

Finally, at the end of the day, the extras had its say when it held the position number 3 when it comes to the highest individual scores in the South African innings. Indian bowlers bowled 26 extras, that was bettered by only two centurions mentioned above. The match didn't start in any different manner, when Smith once again lost his battle to Zaheer Khan after scoring 4 runs. The bowler got his price of 4 wickets and as expected and mentioned in one of my earlier posts, Harbhajan Singh did the damage that he could. It would be nice to see as to who would come forward to take the blame for the 1st day's debacle of the South African batting.

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