Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bangladesh touring just formally

If the ICC's tours table is given a close look at, one can see the way the minnows are sidelined. Nevermind that they can hardly draw crowds to the stadiums or provoke people to leave their jobs and watch them play on their television sets. However, if the first and the only T20 international between Bangladesh and New Zealand are considered, the series consists of just one T20 match that is followed by three one dayers and 2 test matches. Likewise, tours involving stronger teams would include 3 test matches five one day games and 2 T20 games off late.

Even if the recent past is considered, there have been series' between South Africa & England, Australia & Pakistan, India & Sri Lanka which consisted of 4 tests+5 ODIs+2 T20s, 3 tests+ 5ODIs+1T20 and 3 tests+5ODIs+2T20 games respectively. And Bangladesh were scheduled to play only 2 test matches against India on their home tour recently. Previous to that, Bangladesh played 5 one dayers against Zimbabwe, the result of which is not the million dollar question of the day whatsoever. Is it because Zimbabwe and Bangladesh stand at the same level in international that ICC plans schedules for Bangladesh in such a way?

It is an undisputed fact that Bangladesh are best suited for teams like Zimbabwe, Kenya etc who can make the Bangladeshis confident about their cricket. But, if that is the case, why did the ICC grant Bangladesh a test status when they hardly have been displaying some decent knocks even in T20 cricket. If the first and the only T20 game that was held at Hamilton yesterday is considered, as expected, Bangladesh could not win. That is not the issue here but, imagine a run rate of 4.45 in a T20 game. T20 game I suppose is the same for all teams including Bangladesh.

Bangladesh should have atleast played their full quota of 20 overs. Bangladesh are found to play better one day and test cricket compared to their test cricket. They have been able to defeat West Indies in the inaugural edition of the T20 world cup held at South Africa to enter the super eights. But in the next edition, they couldn't even pull a win against Ireland. They had to face the depleted West Indies team to register their first test series win other than the one against Zimbabwe. So was the case in their one day series' as well. This can be concluded that Bangladesh just want to keep playing cricket and win only when the opposition is weak.

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