Saturday, February 20, 2010

A 4-1 prediction doesn't even turn out to be 1-4

Finally, yesterday Australia complete the formality by winning the fifth and the final one dayer against the West Indies by 125 runs at Melbourne. I wish one has to go through the statement that the West Indies captain Chris Gayle gave prior to the series that West Indies would win the series 4-1 against Australia. Was Chris Gayle that innocent to make such statements or did he expect fools to be out there listening to him jobless? Or, did he predict the loss to be 4-1 favoring West Indies? But, even that didn't happen. So, what was Chris Gayle saying?

May be Gayle included the warm up game against PM XI that West Indies won convincingly. In that game, Chris Gayle scored 146 runs with a strike of over 150. But, still that ends the result to be 1-5. Or, was Chris Gayle gifted with a sixth sense that made him predict a wash out in one of the 5 games that were scheduled as a part of the series? Forget about winning, the West Indies didn't even come close to winning one in the four games that was held. Starting from game 1 played at Melbourne, West Indies set to chase 257 for victory didn't even score 150.

And, in the 2nd one dayer played at the Adelaide Oval, the target of 171 imposed by Chris Gayle's men was surpassed in just above 26 overs. Added to that, West Indies didn't even play 40 overs correctly to claim something to have been achieved by them. And, in the 3rd one dayer scheduled at Sydney, major cricketing sites blame the rain to have played a spoilsport and deny the West Indies a would be possible win. All statements being made by considering the total of 225 put up by Australia on the board. Though a total of 225 is modest, it doesn't hold true as far as the West Indies is concerned.

One has to wonder as to how come a team that has not been able to cross 200 in the earlier games that it has played manages to chase 225. Then, in the 4th one dayer at Brisbane, West Indies, despite losing the game yet again to Australia put up a comparatively better performance when the team scored 274 runs on the board. This was the first time the West Indies put up a total in excess of 200 in the series and was also the first time the West Indies played the complete quota of 50 overs that they were entitle to play. And the fifth ODI is well in front of us. So, what is Gayle's say about the T20 games scheduled?

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