Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Pakistani Approach

Wins and losses are a part and parcel of the game of cricket and neither Pakistan nor Australia are exceptions. However, despite playing cricket since decades altogether, some unusual decisions by any team for that matter would raise a question as to how come any captain could afford to do that. Things cannot be taken for granted that, following a particular strategy would ensure a win in a particular match against a particular team. For, the strategies of the opposition are also unknown either. But, stupid decisions can never be forgiven no matter what. And this is what Pakistan was found doing in the first ODI against Australia.

Effort definitely lied in the Pakistani batting when they put up a decent score of 274 on the board. And so did their initial start with the ball by taking 2 quick wickets of Shane Watson and Shaun Marsh. But, then onwards, it was the same Pakistani bowlers who gave away everything to the Australian batsmen, added to that being the fact that the fieldsmen never supported their bowlers whatsoever. So was the Pakistani captain Mohammed Yousuf who showed no signs in improving the same. Pakistan is a bit strong in ODI cricket compared to their test cricket which can never be disputed.

Or is it that the Pakistani test team is weak compared to their ODI? Anyway, that being a different issue, coming to the game between Australia and Pakistan, the scorecard reveals that the Pakistan captain bowled just five bowlers, who were entitled to bowl 10 overs each. Barring Mohammed Aamer, the remaining four Pakistani bowlers bowled their full quota of 10 overs. To what extent was the decision of Mohammed Yousuf justified? Also, the team consisted of just the five bowlers along with Shoaib Malik who never bowled. This is the way the Pakistani captain selects the playing eleven and also makes partly use of them.

A similar approach by the Pakistani captain Mohammed Yousuf was seen in the third test at Hobart, which needless to be said Pakistan lost convincingly. Even there, Mohammed Yousuf had gone in without key players like Kamran Akmal and others. Still, that was hardly mentioned by anyone. Forget it! Then, the match had another wonder when, Shane Watson takes 4 wickets and gets out for a score of 5. Shane Watson is made to open the innings and he fails. On the other hand, Watson is a part time bowler and ends up becoming the most successful bowler of the match. May be this is the only highlight of the match.

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