Monday, January 11, 2010

Nothing Unusual In India's Number 1 Position In ICC Test Rankings

After the third test victory against Sri Lanka at Mumbai, India topped the latest ICC test rankings probably may be for the first time in the history of the game as far as India's test cricket goes. This would have definitely bought a lot of smiles on the faces of the Indian cricket fans, the Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the rest of the team as well. Applause begin to pour in from the mouths of former cricketing greats for achieving what they couldn't in their playing days. Whether these words are from their heart or just from their tongues is a different issue .

Soon after this, the newspapers started counting the number of days that India can remain at the number 1 spot in the ICC test rankings. For, if it is anything to go by the ICC's test schedule, India is set to play only 2 series' after the one against Sri Lanka which can see them being overthrown from their number 1 position. Moreover, in case the other teams, especially South Africa and Australia who are tough competitors for India manage to crush the opposition, then India has to worry about its test position rankings. And the picture regarding Australia is clear in front of our eyes after their 36 run stand versus Pakistan.

And South Africa, despite lagging behind in the series against England 0-1, they have put up a good caliber by closing in on each occasion they played England in 2 of the 3 matches played so far. Moreover, the Proteas are just 2 points behind India who are at present at 124 points. If these are the areas that have drawn in a lot of concern from the Indian cricket fans, why not take a look at what and how India have achieved in test cricket? Does team India really deserve to be at the number one spot or is it a fluke?

Before the test series against Sri Lanka, India had played a test series against New Zealand and also won it 1-0 out of the scheduled 3 matches. That was somewhere in the month of April 2009 which was 7 months before their next series against Sri Lanka was scheduled. After the ongoing tri series, India will be playing a two test series against Bangladesh where a win is guaranteed rather than anticipated.Then will be the 2 test series against South Africa at home, where India will still be having a home team advantage and hence an upper hand in the series. it is only after the series against the Proteas gets over that India have to worry about maintaining their run in test cricket.

If Indians curse themselves for the bad schedule fro the ICC, I wish the same people go through the way they have achieved the same so that they stop trying to tie up luck in their favor.

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