Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Advent of Bangladesh Cricket

It was not too long ago that teams were found taking not only Bangladesh team for granted but also whenever they played against a minnow team. And most of the teams in the world have paid the price for for underestimating minnow teams like Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Ireland. But, until recently, it was the latter team's loss rather than the win what the minnows can be contented with. It was the West Indies' team that took Kenya for granted in the 1996 world cup for which the West Indies had to pay the price by losing the match by 66 runs.

This was followed by India's loss to Zimbabwe in the league stages of the ICC world cup in 1999 for which India had to pay a price when India found itself in a situation that demanded all three matches to be won in the super sixes that involved matches against Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand which obviously didn't happen and India had to give a grand exit from the world cup. India have otherwise also lost to Kenya, which was inconsequential. But, paid a heavy price in the 2007 world cup when a loss against Bangladesh forced them to end their world cup dreams. So was the case with Pakistan after its loss to Ireland.

However, that apart, if the recent past of Bangladesh cricket is given a close look at, Bangladesh are found taking the opposition for a ride. This is quite evident from the fact that Bangladesh ended up scoring 260, 296 and 249 respectively in the matches that it has played against India and Sri Lanka. Though Bangladesh have lost all these games, they have gained a much better caliber which can make the opposition captain think twice before getting carried away by their past performances. India was found losing 3 quick wickets for 67 runs in the first encounter against Bangladesh. And all these not by the opposition underestimating Bangladesh.

It would not be wrong to say that Bangladesh are the top team when minnows are given a special consideration. They have beaten other minnows like Ireland, Kenya, Zimbabwe etc more than they have lost to these teams. Though their test series victory against West Indies is not convincing, it can be considered to be another feather in the Bangladeshi cap. South Africa were no match on that particular day when Bangladesh beat them by 67 runs in the world cup 2007 super eight tournament. Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have been the teams against which the opposition captain doesn't think twice before imposing a follow on. But, this could not be the case anymore if Bangladesh continue doing the good work.

So, with the advent of Bangladesh cricket, the world can see yet another team making serious attempts to take the game of cricket forward.

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